Helen Cathcart / House & Garden © The Condé Nast Publications Ltd

Helen Cathcart / House & Garden © The Condé Nast Publications Ltd



JamJar Edit was founded in 2017 by JamJar Flowers Directors Melissa Richardson and Amy Ireland.

The concept for JamJar Edit was dreamed up many years ago, inspired by our antique fair foraging and the enthusiasm of passers by for our bottle and jar filled window at Peacock Yard. It is only now that our dream has become a reality. 

After a few years of working together at JamJar, we found we had collated an eclectic collection of interesting pieces which we began to adapt and rethink. The first piece we wanted to find for the Edit was a vintage rose globe which Melissa had known as a child. This fascinating object when filled with water and inverted, magnified the fresh flower within. After a long search we found one and set about redesigning it to make it crisp and modern. Slowly the Edit began to come to life.

A hoard of old Dutch cigar presses found at an antiques fair were bought as a job lot and adapted to hold test tubes to make an unusual vessel for a few delicate stems. 

A visit to the South London Botanical Institute in the interests of research, for a lovely and successful project for the Mulberry SS15 Fashion Show invitations, lead to a fascination with the process of pressing and preserving wild flowers. How to preserve the fleeting beauty of a wild poppy? Press it! 

JamJar Edit produces hand crafted products designed and made at the studio to display plants and flowers simply and elegantly, as well as working with artists and makers on product collaborations - always with a floral reference.