Rose Globe

Rose Globe


One of our favourite finds over the years of sourcing vases and vessels for JamJar Flowers was a mid century rose globe which we first saw in an old fashioned flower room on the Isle of White. The water filled globe with a freshly cut rose inside, magnified and with little drops of air seemed magical. 

We are delighted to be able to offer these beautiful objects for sale, complete with a hand crafted concrete base in light or charcoal. 

Instructions for use:

Remove the base and secure your chosen flower/s in the rubber ‘flower frog’ base. Carefully submerge the glass globe under water in a deep bucket or sink. Plunge the flower into the bucket and allow air bubbles to escape from the petals, before positioning inside the globe. Once the flower is inside and the globe is full of water, the rubber base can be sealed and the globe placed in it's concrete base to create an exquisite table centre. Make sure the globe is fully submerged in water when securing the rubber seal to avoid air bubbles. 

Each base is cast by hand resulting in variations in tone and individual characteristics. 

Dimensions: H 20cm x W 17cm

Photography: Emma Guscott | Styling: Florence Rolfe

Base Colour:
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