Single Stem Vase - Concrete

Single Stem Vase - Concrete


An exquisite and unique piece cast in ciment fondu and white marble. This solid concrete vase with a polished finish is cast by hand in South London. Designed to hold 16 glass test tubes, this vase is perfect for arranging delicate wild flowers. 

Select three or four species of flowers and place single stems at varying heights in each glass tube for the best results and keep the water topped up. Ideal for small gardens or small budgets. Pick delicate flowers from the garden in the Summer, or create seasonal displays with foliage, berries and branches in the Autumn. 

Each piece is cast by hand resulting in variations in tone and individual characteristics. Test tubes included. A layer of felt lines the bottom of the concrete to protect furniture.  

Dimensions: L 50cm x W 6cm x H 11cm

Weight: 5kg

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Test tubes are included. Each item is unique, markings on the concrete and colour tone may differ slightly from the image shown.