Cigar Press Vase

Cigar Press Vase


Originally used as a tool to mould and press cigars, we have reworked this beautiful object to present seasonal flowers effortlessly. 

Select three or four species of flowers and place single stems at varying heights in each glass tube for the best results. Ideal for small gardens or small budgets. 

Since finding our first cigar press in a second had shop many years ago, we have used them for wedding table centres, press events and to dress mantle pieces in private homes. 

Glass test tubes included.

Each piece is unique with variations in tone and individual markings. 

Dimensions: Approx L 60cm x H 10cm x W 6cm (sized vary)

Photography: Emma Guscott | Styling: Florence Rolfe


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Includes glass test tubes. Stock is limited and each item is unique, markings on the wood may differ slightly.